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Not your grandmother’s economy class

There are several very striking differences in these photographs. In the 1960’s, people dressed for air travel.  This shows, at least in apparence, that people who travelled by plane saw it as something deserving their “best” face.  One can infer that this also means that these travellers would not accept to travel below a certain level of comfort. In the 1960’s people who travelled economy class had more space available to them than people today have in most business class sections. In the 1960’s people who travelled were thinner.  The obesity epidemic has been talked to death so there’s not much for me to add here other than to say shrinking seats and expanding arses doubles a space issue, even if your arse is not one of the ones expanding. In the 1960’s there was a great deal less “safety” concerns in seating than today.  Can you find a seat […]

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