Disparity 🥺

Photograph by J.L. Munn

When I was a child is such a cliché way to start a paragraph.  I might as well say it was a dark and stormy night, or maybe Once upon a time.  Yet here I sit, writing it and giving wholly into the cliché.  “Why?” you might ask?  Well, because my topic today is unfortunately also so cliché.  So, hold onto your pre-conceptions, it might get bumpy from here on out.

As previously stated, when I was a child, there was point at which I understood that there were some people who had a great deal more than others.  I couldn’t understand, at the time, how that could be or what it meant in the world of adults, but it would eventually lead, much later in life of course, to the realization that those “with” could and would use this disparity to scare those “without” into accepting, even participating, in the violent theft from those “others” also without who were so clearly the cause of their own “withoutedness”.

I can’t wrap my head around why we accept this fear, so completely unfounded.  Nor can I understand how violent we are so quickly willing to go without any real thought to the human being(s) on the receiving end of that anonymous violence because of this irrational fear.  If the truth be told, I hope I never understand it.  From what I’ve seen, understanding it seems to come with wanting to wield the power, for the greater good of course.

…always for the greater good.