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Katie Mulcahey and the whim of an insecure man

It is important in our search for our female heroes lost to history that we do not ignore the “working class” heroes; those beautiful souls, having little to no resources (comparatively speaking), who encounter oppression and refuse to bend to its momentum. Katie Mulcahey is one such hero. Although we do not know much of her life, court records tells us she had character and brains. Her claim to fame? She beat back a new oppression on women’s liberties simply by being unaware of a law, breaking said law, and ultimately vindicating the women of New York City when she beat the charges. On January 21, 1908, “Little Tim”, New York City Alderman Timothy Sullivan, saw his Sullivan’s Act put into place which restricted women from smoking in public, which he deemed to be a sign of immorality and loose character in women, but notably not in men. The following […]

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Heart and Brain: Grocery Shopping by The Awkward Yeti

It’s damn near impossible for me to pick a favorite from the Awkward Yeti series by Nick Seluk.  This piece is simply the one that started the whole thing for me.  It was love at first sight for both of these adorable characters.  Admittedly, the day I found it, I was all team heart, but as I’ve followed their adventures, I realize it all depends on the day for me.   If it is in your means, I highly recommend stopping by his store ( and supporting this amazing artist. * *I receive no portion of any sales.  Shop like you mean it all the same.  I’d love for him to continue doing what he does.  If you already have the books, check out the other swag!

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