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Message from Home 🤓

Photograph by S. Yeast edited by J.L. Munn

One thousand miles away from me today, there sits a huge bear made of straw with its straw pumpkin friend. 1000 miles away from me today, there is a woman who loves me enough to have shared it with me.

I don’t care how old you are. If you come from a loving home, it is never easy to be far away from loved ones. We are lucky to live in a moment where direct and instantaneous communication is possible. We should work harder to use that technology to spread our love, not our hate.

A little bit privileged 🥺

After careful consideration, I have decided that I definitively do not like going to the grocery store anymore. I am aware of how spoiled that sounds. I should be thankful for the ease with which I can find nutrients for my body. I should be thankful for the variety that is overwhelmingly available to me. There are many in my own society and throughout the world that do not have this simple luxury. Their lives are full of hunger. Their stomaches are often empty or filled with food that only fills the belly without nurturing the body.

And I am very thankful for that aspect of my privilege, but I refuse to pretend the system is perfect when it is not. 

Want an idea of what I mean, pick the food documentary of your choice. If you don’t have one, you can start with “Hungry for Change”.

Post architectural creativity 🤓

I’m not an architect. I do not manage any buildings. Essentially I am no expert in the business of building or maintaining buildings so I couldn’t say for sure that the floating ceiling tile re-purposing shown here was not done by an architect. I can, however, say with certitude that somewhere along the line someone mis-understood the space use here.

Vivre la créativité des êtres humaines! We are never so ingenious as when we are moderately uncomfortable.

Writing with pictures 🤓

As a young artist I thought my job was to “control” my art.  I was to define it (and myself), mold it (and myself) and ultimately deny what fell outside of that mold.  Writing was something that required pen and paper, though I did eventually succumb to the call of the keyboard.  I considered myself a writer and thems was the rules.

As the years have gone by and my life evolved past the rigidity of learning the tools, I came to realize that I am ultimately a story teller that prefers words.  A storyteller is a much cooler thing to be.  You have a lot of options for how to tell your story.

Photographs by J.L. Munn