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Changing of the seasons ๐Ÿฅบ

Photograph by J.L. Munn

I think about climate change all the time. I didnโ€™t need Greta to help me with that, but I applaud her for helping those that do. The more I see, the more I canโ€™t help thinking that itโ€™s funny to think that the collective of the middle and lower classes bought into the idea that we, the individuals, could some how compensate for all the damage that bad acting corporations have been doing, and continue to do, on massive scale.

This ladybug doesnโ€™t really know anything about from where this rusting metal pole has come. It knows nothing of its impact, good or bad, on its environment. It just knows that the wind is cold today. It knows the sun is warm today. And it knows that whatever this is and no matter the chain of events that brought it here, at least for the moment, it is the only thing that can help it warm up enough to try to go about its daily business of trying to stay alive in a less than luxurious environment.

Iโ€™m glad Greta and her family have had the courage to embark on their journey. I just wish I knew more how to help them help us.

Fall drying fungi ๐Ÿค“

Photograph by J.L. Munn

The last few years, weโ€™ve had more cloudy days than not in my tiny bubble in the world. Judging from the quantity and variety of mushrooms, it seems that, coupled with an elevated number of dead or dying trees, you get a paradise for these little fungi. 

Because they are everywhere lately, Iโ€™m becoming moderately obsessed with trying to capture their many faces. These little guys seem to have avoided the digestive tract of the local deer so we can start to see their fall drying process.

Looking up ๐Ÿค“

Photograph by J.L. Munn

When I walk now, I have a tendency to keep my head down. I donโ€™t mean this in a humble sort of way. It was, for a long time, a practical thing. The arthritis made me weaker and off balance. Tripping over an unseen obstacle could result in a fall, a fall for which I could not brace. Quite simply it meant more pain.

I have to remember that I can look up sometimes. I can enjoy the simpler things that become available when I am not living in constant fear of that fall. And if I do break, better to have lived well before it happened. 

Weโ€™ll see how it goes.