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We the people part 1: A start

I find myself writing this with a much heavier heart than I had thought possible given that it is to be a piece about politics, a topic that very rarely inspires my passions.  At least to date, I am not a political beast.  I don’t ascribe to party politics and do not have a 100% agreement on policy on either side of the fence.  In this aspect, I think I am the average voting American.  Until this election, I believed myself to be engaged, but not enthralled.  I’ve not missed an election (even mid-terms and local elections) since I became of age, but I don’t enjoy watching the circus that surrounds the election seasons nor do I care for the political slandering and reality distortion that happens incessantly between elections in preparation to be the winner in the next election.  I am abundantly aware of the absurd dichotomy that lives […]

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