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Charity: Matthew 25 Ministries

Matthew 25 Ministries is a charity that, amongst other things, sends gently used and cleaned pill bottles to parts of the world that need them (or they are shredded for recycling which also helps fund their projects).

I ran across this charity several years ago and was surprised by my own ignorance to realize that it had never occurred to me that there are places on the planet where you can get medication, but it cannot be distributed in a manner that you can actually store it properly (in a pill bottle). I immediately started collecting my bottles each month. Matthew 25 Ministries has definitely grown quite a bit over the years, as has my collection of bottles. I am excited to say that I am finally able to send my first batch of bottles this month.

Here’s to hoping that the periphery of my own chronic illness can help someone else in their health journey.

A letter to the desperate youth

To whom it may apply:

You are not the lost generation you’ve been told you are. The cause is not lost and you are not free to dismiss the future as non-existent or futile. That is the domain of the old, to look into the face of thier own mortality and see the end of all humanity. Ignorant ego dictates it.

No, your place is to be the energetic voice of optimism. You are to see what is before you and use it well. Make the changes that you resent your elders for not doing. I dare you to be the infectious hope for the future that humanity has always needed.

You’ll be old soon enough. Then you can choose for yourself…optimism or death before you are dead.

Thank you for your time,

J.L. Munn

Old is not an age. You are old only when you give up hope of the future.  So get out there and be “young” regardless of your number of years on this earth.