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Nester the Long Eared Christmas Donkey

I can’t say if this movie stands up to the passage of time.  I don’t know if it can speak to children today as it once so lovingly spoke to me.  I do know that there are 3 Christmas movies that consistently bring a smile to my face simply by the fond memories of family and love that company them.  This movie is definitely one for me.  

Bonus feature:  In spite of the Rudolf reference, it is not much of a commercial film, a rare commodity even for the time.

What’s This? from The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s This? from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is it a Halloween movie or is it a Christmas movie?  There are strong arguments to be made for each by the film itself.  However, I proposed that the question is a trick.  It is neither.  It is a Tim Burton movie, through and through and one that can be enjoyed no matter the season.

This song in particular never fails to remind me of the wonder I should see in the every day.  Every tiny thing I take for granted in my daily life is completely exotic to someone somewhere.